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Re: fvwm-themes: Looking for a sponsor.

>>>>> "Alexis" == Alexis Rimbaud <rimbaud@nerim.net> writes:

    Alexis> Hello, I'm looking for a sponsor for FVWM Themes[*].
    Alexis> Although Tore Anderson sent an ITP a few weeks ago, he let
    Alexis> me maintain the package.

    Alexis>   The package is available at:
    Alexis> <http://rimbaud.net1.nerim.net/fvwm-themes/>

    Hi Alexis.   Don't you think it  is better to split  the themes in
another  package? I  tested your  package  and I  took a  look to  the
sources.  It  seems to be  well packaged, as  I'm a fvwm user  I would
like sponsor fvwm themes if nobody has done it yet.


Luis Bustamante
CSO, Fluid Signal S.A.

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