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looking for sponsor/advocate


 I have recently created an ia64 specific package for the Debian 
autoinstall system, and I am looking for someone that would be willing to 
sponsor/advocate me.  I have been corresponding with the maintainer of 
autoinstall and autoinstall-i386 and he has stated that he has no 
objections to my packagaing of an ia64 version, but he has no time to 
sponsor me at the moment.  My package (and source) is available at: 
http://droflet.net/debian/   -- I respectfully ask that you only download 
the package if you are interested in sponsoring, as it is quite large for 
my low-bandwidth connection (or else download in the late/night early 
morning Pacific time)

Secondly, I have started to package the Mordor MUD engine, of which I am
one of the upstream authors.  I have several questions about the proper
file system layout -- the upstream tarball assumes that you will be
installing into the home directory of a dedicated user (usually 'mordor').  
It is easy to modify the config file to point to the debianized paths,
however I am not sure if or how I should create a new user account to own
the files.  Does this go in the postinst script?  I currently have the
game files which need read/write access in /var/games/mordor is this
correct?  Any feedback is appreciated.



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