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Package MessageWall

All bugs that you had stated have been repaired.

I have fixed what seems to be most if not all bugs that I have found in my packages.

I have yet to recieve any notice from Andres in relations to the libD
library and what license it has. I had spoke with the upstream maintainer and he had gotten some type of a response to quote Ian

"On response to my libD question (which was not, itself, answered) Andres informed me that he has uploaded his libfiredns and libfirestring
packages into debian unstable.  He also informed me that MessageWall
could not be added until I added a GPL exemption for OpenSSL, which
1.0.5 will contain.  I don't know where this puts us -- I'm a bit
confused at this point, actually.

Ian Gulliver Penguin Hosting ian@penguinhosting.net"

So for this we have yet to come to any knowledge of what libD has for a license.

How should I continue with this?

I also have a question, how does a package that has previously been discussed to be maintained by another developer to be allowd to be added to the archives without notice, or is it that whoever puts it up first is the one to manage the package?

Since I am very new to this I don't want to step on any feet. I did not seem to find anything on the developers site in relations to something like this, but I may be wrong.

Thanks again for your support

Philip S. Hempel

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