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Re: Use of the BTS for managing sponsorship

Le Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 03:27:17PM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen écrivait:
> | That's why I want us to switch to use the BTS.
> This is usually called shotgun debugging.  Try another solution until
> you find one which fits.  Obviously, this is not a good way to debug
> problems.

Well, I have reasons to think that the BTS would do better than the
current CGI :
- first, it would be directly linked to debian-mentors
- more people know about the BTS
- the interface is mail based
- it is easy to extract a list from the BTS to post
  regular "sponsor wanted" messages
- it's in a .debian.org machine

> I know that not all sponsorees find a sponsor.  The BTS isn't a silver
> bullet for fixing that.  If a package is interesting above some
> threshold, it will get sponsored, whether it be on -mentors or the
> BTS.

It's not self-evident.

> Why do you think the BTS would be kept more up-to-date?

Because it's so easy to CC a mail to the BTS ?

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