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Re: nm.debian.org statistics buggy ?

On Sat, Aug 17, 2002 at 05:04:04PM +1000, Craig Small wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 16, 2002 at 02:59:17PM +0200, Helios de Creisquer wrote:
> > Without any crystal ball, I am able to say  that  an  applicant  waiting
> > since 3 months at this stage will have a total time of waiting  superior
> > to 3 months for this stage when his complete application will be done.
> What is it exactly? You've worked  out  the  minimal  value  that  the
> maximum field can be, assuming that this applicant is processed today,


> of course its wrong tomorrow.

hum, the statistics arent a php script ? so they are kept up2date, no  ?
so why more wrong tomorrow than today ?

> Now, what about the averages? Do  we  consider  the  person  who's  AM
> recommended him today in the set?

hum that I hadn't thought of... but why not ? what would this change ?

I am considering that every applicant  waiting  at  DAM  stage  will  be
processed (accepted or rejected) one day, and you dont seems to agree...

Why ?

> If we had four  people  in  the  queue,  one  recommended  today,  one
> recommended 4 months  ago  and  two  recommended  2  months  ago.  The
> averages are all 2 months. Move them  around  a  bit,  then  skew  the
> statistics where there are a small number of outliers, a  lot  in  the
> middle and a fair few at the smaller end of the scale and you  see  it
> all becomes a mess quickly.

I sort of agree... but not considering extremes in statistics  mean  the
statistics are wrong,

I think that needing to remove extrems from stats because of the mess it
would create, means to me that perhaps the statistics would need 1  more
column ?

In the stats you include the "actually waiting applicants",  why  not  a
"the longest waiting applicant at this stage waits since ..." ?

The main usage of theses stats are the applicants themselves, which  are
looking for an idea of when they will be processed ? no ? In this  case,
they will say to themselves: "I am waiting  at  DAM  Approval  since  60
days, but the max waiting time is of 68 days, so  I  will  be  processed
really soon (great ;-)"

and, when they day will come they are waiting at this stage  since  more
than the maximal waiting time, they will be a little astonished, isnt'it

> > So  why  not  include  not_yet_fully_processed_applicants   in   the
> > statistics page ?
> Because it is meaningless, the long waiting people are  there  due  to
> reasons
That's exactly why I didn't included people with a comment from  AM/DAM,
cause there is reasons why there are not processed, but for the others ?

I am not really saying the statistics are _wrong_, you  have  to  select
input before making them... but perhaps a lot  misleading  ?  don't  you
think so ?

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