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Request for Sponsor / Advocate for packages: everything / libmail-sender-perl

Hello. I'm writing to ask if anyone has a few minutes of spare time to
sponsor my packages, and sign me off for advocate status for the debian

The initial packages that I'm presenting are for everything (the engine that
powers Everything2.com, perlmonks.org, animefu.com, etc) and one of it's
dependancies, libmail-sender-perl.

The software itself is Artistic Licence and available at:


I've already had my key signed by a person in the area, but he's recently
started a new job and doesn't really have the time to check over the
packages and to get them uploaded.

They have all been tested and betaed by myself and verified by a few brave
souls. I've burned through ten internal revisions of the package in various
forms waiting for people to check in the package. It passes lintian, works
on any platform that has perl and apache, and configures itself completely
after a short user intervention.

All in all, it's a very useful package, and a great web development

It (and a few other packages that I'm working on) are available at:


If someone would be willing to take a look at everything (no pun intended),
and Sponsor and/or Advocate me, that'd be great.  I'm very much looking
forward to helping out in the Debian project (in my own little corner, and
in general).

Thank you very much for your time,

		--Jay Bonci

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