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Re: Looking for an advocate

On Thu, Aug 22, 2002 at 11:49:50AM +0200, Jens Peter Secher wrote:
> I would like to be a full-blown Debian Developer, and therefore I need
> an advocate.  I maintain the following packages (see
> http://www.diku.dk/~jpsecher/debian.html)
>         changetrack
>         libfile-ncopy-perl
>         sml-mode
>         buddy
>         mosml (nonfree)
>         mosml-libs
>         muddy
>         mgtk
> of which the first three are already in the pool, kindly sponsored by
> Andras Bali and Colin Walters.  My short-term plans are to get mosml
> (a compiler) out of nonfree, adopting package haskell-doc and
> packaging ifile (a mail filter using statistical methods).

I suppose that mosml is moscow ML, based on the caml-light engine, but
using the SML syntax ?

If so, i suppose the non-freeness comes from the moscow ML guys reusing
the caml-light engine, which was non-free, and even non distributable
back then when they started developpment.

caml-light was later replaced by ocaml, which, after various tries
finally got released under a free licence (LGPL + QPL + some other
modification recommended by RMS), but i don't think this applies to the
caml-light code base, so you would need to discuss this with the moscow
ml authors as well as with the INRIA caml team.

If you want, i could advocate you, i don't have much time though, so if
there is someone else, it would be ok also.

BTW, what is mgtk ?

(it would have been usefull if you provide links to your packages,
and/or a a short description of those.)

Also, feel free to join the debian-ocaml-maint mailing list, which
altough is devoted to maintainers of ocaml related packages, may be of
interrest to you, especially regarding the moscow ML freeness stuff and


Sven Luther

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