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[no subject] 2.4 kernel on Compaq Presario 2100 Re: 2.4 kernel on Compaq Presario 2100 - Solved 3.0r1 Install Problem 3 creen when play movies 3 screen when play movies 3 screen when play movies. Acer Aspire's 24x CDRW only writing 8x Acer TM 634 fan always on Acer travelmate 210 txr, dri support and other stuff Acer TravelMate 800LCi ACPI and 600e Re: ACPI blanks screen at the end of the boot process ACPI HOWTO (start) and (failed) installation notes acpi in 2.5.66: no /proc/acpi/sleep ACPI sleep/hibernation mode ALSA and winmodem on a ThinkPad 600e ALSA confusion ALSA hangs sometimes on Latitude C810 [ALSA] Toshiba Libretto 110CT anacron apm script [ANNOUNCE] cpufreqd-1.0-beta1 released antialias vs. truetype apmd v acpi... apt-get confused when laptop plugged elsewhere apt-get kernel-patch? aRTs: unable to connect ATI Radeon 7500 Mobility autoloading module for pcmcia network card Await your prompt response. Re: AW: Vaio PCG-R505TSK Installation Trouble Cannot Mount CDRom and Sound Issuses can't restore from suspend Change interface name Cloning machine Compaq 1700T - Video OUT and ACPI Compaq Armada M700: "poweroff" does not power off Compaq Evo N400C compaq presario 2135us display Fwd: Compaq Presario 901EA compiling & installing kernels compiling pcmcia-cs under 2.5 computer won't wake up! Confused... Linux Kernel 2.4.20 on Gericom Bellagio Re: cpuspeed - New version 0.2 cpuspeed - script to change cpu's speed crc error ??? Creating your own distribution/cds Debain package for X-free86-4.2 or 4.3 ? Re: debian cannot find cdrom (version II) Debian install on HP Omnibook xe4500 Debian on Compaq evo n800w - any success? debian won't boot: Inspiron 600m, Windows XP dualboot Dell Inspiron 4100 Nvidia Gforce2 GO Problem Dell TrueMobile 1180 dell wlan and bluetooth cards detecting cdrom on a toshiba tecra 510CDT /dev/modem is probed during boot DHCP client from ISC blocks Konqueror Diagnostics partition Different network environments display manager question Error reports on my WAN pc-card Belkin with Netgear ME102 AP eth0 vanishes: TP 560Z / Xircom Ethernet/Modem card external mixer device external sound card FA511 during installation fam, imon question... Flickering terminal after upgrade Forget the modem, other questions Framebuffer on a 800x480 screen Freezing HardDrive General BIOS Problems? Re: TP 600e - High Pitch Noise, and other problems Getting wifi to work on my vaio with Debian Gnupg revoke fails Help with pcmcia hotkeys for fujitsu-siemens e7010 Hot swapping CD-rom and LS-120 on Versa SX how to get ad-hoc mode working? IBM Laptop/Linux list? I fried my Sony Vaio PCG-FXA678 Inspiron 4100 LCD Inspiron 8200 apm suspend tone Installation problem Installation question. Install debian on a iBook with external FireWire hard drive Install on HP Pavilion ze5170 Install question 3.0r1 ipchains problem IrOBEX Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux iSeries Thinkpad 1200 installation problem Unable to read "/dev/hda" iwconfig & orinoco problem Java-vm on Mozilla KDE3 + noflushd Re: KDE3 + noflushd + call for comments keeps crashing Re: Komba.. laptop network configuration laptop recommendation Libretto 100ct Install-Disks Linux on Toshiba Satellite 2450-101 Notebook Linux-wlan-ng vs. kernel/pcmcia-cs drivers... lspci -vv "pcilib: cannot open,... error" making noise (Acer TM 634) Mini-PCI wlan nic fades away silently or Losing route to default gateway after suspend Minor SID insalation problems Re: Mobile modems Modem problem Modem problems still Modem setup Re: Mouse cursor corrupted on "BAT LOW" warning Mouse disappears/crashes Mwave Problems: Missing tty-ldisc-3 module? Nec LaVie MX LX60T/5 + keys Need help configuring wlan - Belkin F5D6020Y PC-card Re: Need help configuring wlan - Belkin F5D6020Y PC-card-Problem solved netinstall ext3, lilo, apm and acpi Network and sound Network problem Re: Network Problem Re: Network problem Re: Network Problem Newbie questions New errors after kernel compile Now cpuspeed if even better (0.3) Numeric keypad on IBM Thinkpad T30 Old laptop OpenGL hardware accelerated 3d rendering Re: [OT] aRTs: unable to connect OT: Mutt and specific mbox files... [OT] Problems with new inverter in dell i81K [OT] Re: Serious crash Pavilion ZE5244 PCG-GRX626 sony vaio PCMCI 8139 NIC & Hotplug PCMCIA PCMCIA and hotplug problems pcmcia, CardBus eth0 was working, now it's not seen? PCMCIA LAN - 'recommendation' Pcmcia network card startup (PCMCIA NIC && Mitac 5033 && Debian) = False ? Pcmcia Usb2 + boot crash PCMCIA WLAN Card not active after boot Pierre?????? pppd + alsa + debian = ? presario battery Problemas problem configuring pcmcia card Re: Problems withs uspend on IBM thinkpad 380xd - screens stay blank on resume probs with matshita dvd/cdrw combo drive and mplayer Q about apm and acpi quieter fan was Re: Acer TM 634 fan always on R31 install to a second drive Radeon Mobility M7 LW ratpoison at 640x480 rc.d type script? Realtek rtl-8180 require driver for jog dial sarge installation on a HP xt6200 Screen Resolution Problem The last update was on 11:02 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 666 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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