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Re: laptop recommendation

Try the Asus L3C series,

Mine is a 1.7GHZ 512Mb DDR ATI Radeon M7500 Ram 15" 1400x1050 40Gb HDD CD-RW/DVD combo drive
not tooo heavy big screen, love it! currently running Woody, RH7.3 & M$ XP Pro (the things you have to do for work..!)

needed to update sndconfig & XFree86 from unstable to get sound & Xwindows working, haven't tried cd-rw/dvd under linux yet (still use nero for that..)

those sony's sound nice but, and if you can, find out a bit about Sharp, those screens rock for clarity, pricey but I believe.

my 0.02 worth.


On Wednesday 09 April 2003 2:14 pm, florian wrote:

im currently searching a nice laptop which works well
with debian. basically it should have a at least 15" big
screen and at least 1400x1050 px resolution..
would be also great if it would not be too heavy and
big.. anybody got an recommendation for that?
do the pentium-m chips from intel work with debian/linux
yet? is the wlan chip supported?
thanks alot!

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