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Re: compiling & installing kernels

Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
On Tue, Apr 15, 2003 at 01:27:28PM +1000, ben wrote:


2. Install the new kernel
	- cd /usr/src/linux
	- cp /usr/usr/<old kernel sources>/.config /usr/src/linux/.config
	- make oldconfig

3. Enable ACPI, and remove APM (the old power management modules/tools)
	- Under "general support":
		- turn ON Power Management support
		- turn OFF APM
		- turn ON as MODULES everything to do with ACPI
			- bus manager
			- system
			- processor
			- button
			- AC adapter
			- embedded controller
			- control method battery
			- thermal
	- <exit> and save the new configuration

4. Finish installing the new kernel
	- make dep
	- make clean
	- make bzImage
	- make modules
	- make modules_install

I must be doing something rather wrong!

I have installed the new kernel, but none of the modules (like really none..) are loading..
when I did make modules it seemed to be doing everything, until the end where it said 'nothing to be done for modules..' or similar

when I lsmod I get an empty list!

any thoughts?



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