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Re: can't restore from suspend

Derek Broughton [Mittwoch, 16. April 2003 18:53]:>| What evidence do you 
have?  If I really thought this was an ACPI issue,
>| I'd suggest that acpi-support@lists.sourceforge.net would be a more
>| appropriate place to ask
>| :-)
But why - I've seen a lot of ACPI issues on this list the 6 months or so i 
joined it. Indeed acpi-support sounds like a good link, though.
As usual, a google search might lead you to some archive mails, with keywords 
like 'linux & acpi & suspend & problem' (or even 'freeze') and, of course, 
your computer brand and type. Perhaps set a limit to 6 months past.
> this is Suspend to RAM and is not well supported. I would like to turn off
> all of the sleep states in:
> /proc/acpi/sleep
> (i.e. not allow any sleep states to be entered)
As Derek and Ivar hinted, why ditch suspend completely if only a single 
insufficient configurated process causes the trouble. If you work on battery, 
it's really useful.
- After all, acpi's still experimental.
Linux, also ;-)

One point to start analyzing is the output of:
cat /proc/acpi/dsdt
cat /proc/cpuinfo
and perhaps 'ps aux' and 'lsmod' shortly before suspending.

What gets you to S3 ?
Maybe you're running gnome or kde session - there's always a chooser for 
powermanagement (like kcontrol or ther gnome advanced desktop settings).
And who starts up your xscreensaver ? Did you configure that personally ?
And, if i understood it right, and acpi is working correctly, you may disable 
all BIOS power functions, for they are taken over by kernel and driver.
(If this would show an effect, perhaps acpi isn't alright) 

I happily don't run acpi, but it's an old notebook. 
So i don't have links about.
Perhaps you'll find some infos at tuxmobil.org.
And http://www.brodo.de/english/pub/acpi/proc/index.html.
Anyway, switching back to 
apm is an option.

btw. Excuse the silly question, did you purge / stop apmd ?

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