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Re: Installation question.

On Thu, 3 Apr 2003, Sale, Nigel wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm trying to install Debian (test) on a laptop which has one pcmcia slot,
> currently occupied by a nic, but no floppy or cdrom.
> The hard disk currently has a small win98 partition which works fine, and I
> can download stuff quite happily, and run loadlin to install.
> The problem is, as far as I can work out, the installation kernel, doesn't
> have pcmcia support, so I can't do a net install, and obviously I can't do a
> cdrom install.
> Ideally, I'm looking for a kernel/install which does have pcmcia support,
> (other distros do), anyone any ideas where I can find such a thing, or
> another way of doing it?

The Debian installation process does (at least in potato and before)
support PCMCIA Ethernet.  If I recall correctly, there is an option that
you must do during the install that adds PCMCIA support. After you add
PCMCIA support then you can do the "configure the network" option and this
should get your PCMCIA Ethernet working. I haven't installed Debian on a
laptop w/ PCMCIA Ethernet since potato, so I'm not sure about the
"Testing" installation process, but it seems unlikely that this feature
would have been eliminated.

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