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Re: PCMCI 8139 NIC & Hotplug

From: "Joel HATSCH" <debian-ml@joel-hatsch.net>
> problem : NIC is not detected with woody 3.0r1's bf24 default kernel,
> had to recompile kernel to get the 8139too.o module to modprobe using
> hotplug (and not cardmgr).
Can you reproduce the 'non-detection' by switching back to the old kernel 
with 8139too inbuilt, but with your recent configuration of hotplug, 
/etc/network and /etc/modu{les,tils} ?
> solution : in fact, kernel HAS TO be recompiled, default kernel has the
> 8139too driver compiled into the kernel, thus no possibility to modprobe
> it after having initialised PCMCIA.
This would be very interesting (if your interpretation is correct).
Perhaps there's a chance the new compiled module is another version ?
Kerneldoc/networking/8139too.txt ( for  0.9.17 ) indicates some changings for 
2.4.3 + kernels. 

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