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Re: can't restore from suspend

At 03:09 2003-04-16, Emma Jane Hogbin wrote:
So what I thought was a sucessful suspend was just a screen saver. I don't
understand how acpid works, but there must be a way to:
        a) figure out how to restore the laptop from a suspended state
        b) turn off suspend
I looked through the man pages for acpid and I'm guessing that suspend is
an "event", but I don't understand how to manipulate it.

Does anyone know of a resource that explains how to do (a) or (b)?


emma :)

First try to find out WHY the machine suspends. If you find that out, then you can start to explore why the machine doesn't restore/wake up. My tip is for you to check out swsusp. That gives you a way to hibernate/wake up in a controlled way. There are perhaps other ways, but I managed to get my laptop hibernate and wake up as expected with swsusp. I don't remember the web page exactly, but try swsusp.sourceforge.net. Swsusp exists as a deb package as well if I don't remember wrong.

Good luck.
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