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Re: netinstall ext3, lilo, apm and acpi

> So Debian it is.
> Because the laptop comes with  only a DVD/CDROM player I will have to
> install from CDROM.  I will first start with a netinstall booted from
> CDROM.  Does anybody know a iso with ext3 support?

The CheapBytes disks gave me the option of ext2, ext3 or Reisfer fs.  I started with  ext2 then 'upgraded' to ext3 using tune2fs -j.

> Also, will it be possible to resize ntfs partitions with cfdist/fdisk?
> I want to shrink the winxp partion so I can use the laptop when the
> install doesn't work at once.  What with lilo?  Do thinkpads work with
> lilo.  I haven't set up a dualboot ever...

Yes they do.  I tossed my winxp partition, though, and it seems that a DOS partition is what's necessary to do hibernation.

'acpi' is a more bleeding-edge 'apm.'  Either way, it's power management.  Apm may have some issues with interrupts, but it's been fairly tame at this end.

> Could someone explain me what apm/acpi does?

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