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Re: problem configuring pcmcia card

En réponse à Jeff <jcoppock1@attbi.com>:

> I don't see any "Block devices:" on your output.  On mine, "ide0" is
> my HDD (/dev/hda) and "ide1" is my CDROM drive.  Also note my "pcmcia"
> device, which I don't see on your output either.

I was editing my file after a 'pcmcia stop', to show the free resource on
my computer, as it say that 'kernel: hdc: IRQ probe failed (0xb9f8)'

> What kernel are you using?  

I'm using a 2.4.20 self compiled kernel. I  have also updated the 
/etc/sysconfig/pcmcia file, changing the controler from PCIC="i82365"
to PCIC="yenta_socket". I also copy the file /etc/pcmcia/config to 
/etc/pcmcia/config-2.4. Before that, my card weren't even detected. Now, they 
are detected, but I think I have a problem in ressource allocation. 
I must I have made something wrong in my copy/paste from /proc/devices, 
as I can see fd (my floppy drive), ide0 (my hard drive), and ide1 (my cdrom).

It says 'ide1: ports already in use, skipping probe', so I guess my
pcmcia cdrom drive should use something like ide2. Is there any way to tell 
the module that I must use this ???

> As for the modem on the PCMCIA card, you need to have pcmica serial
> card services enabled in the kernel to use that.

The module is correctly loaded, but I can't figure out which serial drive 
is now created. /dev/ttyS?? I guess, but what are the ??. Where can I find
that information. I can't see it in the kernel message log (I was looking 
for something like 'kernel: ttyS?? probing, but I must be wrong) 

> jc
> -- 
> Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
> Diggin' Debian		Admin and User


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