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[OT] Problems with new inverter in dell i81K

Hi all,

sorry for the off-topic, and for me bad english. My excuse, i use debian 2.2 Potato on it, i promise migrate to Woody when i resolved this problem ;-P

I explained you for someone had same problem and can help me.

My dell inspiron 8100 15" lcd (IBM ITSX95E) had broken his inverter. I order one and when i received it, changes.

Well, logically, only must be change one for one, but, with new inverter screen image is enormous. If i try to change it with FN+F7, screen image follows enormous and now it is displaced, when it must be smaller and centered in middle of the screen.

Linux can't entered into X, screen will go blank, and i can't go back to the console, i need to reboot blindly. If i try with win ME, he starts enormous too, if change with FN+F7, win is displaced, i can't see all screen image, because it lost by down and right.

I post this problem in dell forum, you can see it here:


but they gave solution me for win (i don't try still), but, what happening with linux?

I don't contact with seller still, i don't order inverter in dell, they want's to change all lcd, with a cost about 690 EUR, dell are crazy if they think that i spend my money. Furthermore, i had very problems with dell, i don't buy anymore dell.

More data:

Video target - nVidia gForce 2 go with 32 MB RAM DDR

Inverter outputs:

390 V a.c. (RMS), without connected to background lamp.
1 A, with background lamp connected.

Again, sorry for the off-topic, i know that is really a electronic questions more that a debian question, but if how in dell forum says me, win can resolv this, why linux no?

Salud y Revolución.


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