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Dell Inspiron 4100 Nvidia Gforce2 GO Problem

Hi all,

I have a dell Inspiron 4100 (PIII, 20GB, 256MB, Nvidia GForce 2 GO)and 
have installed Debian 3.0 (woody) I?am having problems getting X to run on 
it. I have tried many different configs using the ?nv? driver provided 
with XFree86 and have not had any luck the screen just blinks and error 
comes up and says no screens found. I have also tried to use Xserver SVGA 
and the same thing happens. I have been searching around for some answers 
and have only found people saying that you have to install the nvidia 
drivers into a custom built kernel. I wanted to know if someone can help 
me step by step on how to build a custom kernel and what files I need to 
include the nvidia driver and modules. Any help would be greatly 


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