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Re: compiling & installing kernels

Frédéric Bothamy [Donnerstag, 17. April 2003 00:42]:
>| From man make-kpkg:
>|   clean Cleans the kernel source directory of all files created by target
>|        build, and runs a make distclean. (Please look at a Linux kernel
>|        Makefile for details). Please note that although we take care of
>| the list of current kernel configuration contained in the file .config,
>| the file include/linux/autoconf.h is not preserved.
>| And in turn in the Linux kernel Makefile:
>| distclean calls mrproper (and remove some temporary files),
>| mrproper calls clean and archmrproper (and remove some files,
>| MRPROPER_FILES), clean calls archclean (and remove some files,
>| Fred

Compact like that, it sounds like from Douglas Adams ;-)

ok, ok, i read it up ....


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