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Re: Compaq 1700T - Video OUT and ACPI

On Sat, 2003-04-05 at 06:29, Fernando Caprio Jr wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I have a PIII 1ghz Compaq 1700T. There are two things I never found out how to solve that keeps me from deleting windows. Wondering if someone over here could give me some ideas.
> First thing: I never got S-VHS video out working on linux, it got a Radeon M6 LY video card. I tried lots of diferent things, but dident find a way to get it working. 
> Second thing: The ACPI support that comes with lastest kernels 2.4.20 can detect the charger connected, but not the battery status. That's odd, but I couldent find a way to get ACPI working. I tried to get Intel ACPI stuff but kernel wouldent compile after the patch.

I have a 2700EA and I had to do some funky stuff to get the acpi

Have a look at http://dude.noc.clara.net/~faye/compaq2701ea/ I found
that site very helpful.

Take care.

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