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Re: cpuspeed - script to change cpu's speed

> if it isn't asking too much, please try it and give me some feedback.
> Thanks
> Joel Alexandre

Hello Joel ;-) Nice to hear from you.
Quick feedback:

Your page instructions are not sincronized with the script:
page:    $cpuspeed { low | high | status | help}
script:  usage: /usr/local/bin/cpuspeed {low|high|state}

State: Whats the "," for?
laptop:~# cpuspeed state
Current speed: 1200MHz,
Have you knowledge of the other (more recent, as far as I know)
software/module for asus? It has the asus module, but you don't need to
patch the kernel with it, you can add it separately as module, and it
comes distributed with some script and a daemon that reads the power keys
of our L3C. Besides it was done for the L2 series, so it can be used with
those too.. Don't have the link at the moment, I'll send it to you later.
(So you can add it's reference in your page)

Btw, the solution for your "bug" is to add  script to /etc/init.d , run it
at "S" level (startup) wich checks the state and sets the led...

Hope this helps!
If you need to discuss some things about this, in theory or about
scripting problems/help, feel free to mail me. We can meet at IST, I'm at
Inesc twice a week.

Joao Clemente

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