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Re: laptop recommendation

    "florian" == csshsh  <florian> writes:

    florian> would be also great if it would not be too heavy and
    florian> big.. anybody got an recommendation for that?

If you are biased towards small (no 15" screen!) I can recommend the
Sony Vaio (I've owned a N505VE for over 3 years now) and the Compaq
Armada M300 (which I used at work for over 2 years now).

The Sony I used as a Linux machine (first Slackware, then potato). The
Armada was mostly Linux but I got laid off my R&D job and wear a suit
now for the same employer, so it now runs W2K and MS Office more than
Woody. But it was a *great* Linux machine.

Both nice, minimal machines the size of a 8.5x11 sheet of paper, easy
to carry, with usable battery. I've really beaten them up (they go
into the front flap of my carry on bag like a book), and they are
showing some serious wear now, but I'd probably do it again if I had


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