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apt-get confused when laptop plugged elsewhere


this is the situation: I have an Acer Aspire laptop; I get the net
configured by DHCP (simply plug the cable in the office and boot). OK.

When I take my laptop home, plug the cable in, and get the net configured
by my provider's DHCP; everything seems to work OK, except taht when I run
apt-get [anything], it tries to connect to

There is no reason for it. I lease 62.24.blahblah from DHCP, dns is
62.24.blahblah. does not appear in /etc/apt/sources.list. is an address aliased as 'server' in my /etc/hosts,
but this should not matter. I commented out all lines except localhost
in /etc/hosts and rebooted, got DHCP lease, all working, except again
apt-get update tries to connect to Why?

Does my eth0 remember as its [something] to use? No, because
all other net apps work ok, connect to where they should etc.

Any ideas?



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