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Re: compiling & installing kernels

Thanks all for the help so far!!

Finally got modules installed.. don't really no what I did wrong, but they're in there now!
unfortunately my acpi is apparently not installed correctly (I have selected everything in acpi when configuring kernel as modules)according to klaptopdaemon.. will try installing them as suggested by Michael ie compiling them into the kernel.

chug chug.. (the little train that could!)


Michael Ott wrote:
Hallo Ben!

2. Install the new kernel
	- cd /usr/src/linux
	- cp /usr/usr/<old kernel sources>/.config /usr/src/linux/.config
	- make oldconfig

3. Enable ACPI, and remove APM (the old power management modules/tools)
	- Under "general support":
		- turn ON Power Management support
		- turn OFF APM
		- turn ON as MODULES everything to do with ACPI
			- bus manager
			- system
			- processor
			- button
			- AC adapter
			- embedded controller
			- control method battery
			- thermal
	- <exit> and save the new configuration

4. Finish installing the new kernel
	- make dep
	- make clean
	- make bzImage
	- make modules
	- make modules_install

I must be doing something rather wrong!

I have installed the new kernel, but none of the modules (like really none..) are loading.. when I did make modules it seemed to be doing everything, until the end where it said 'nothing to be done for modules..' or similar

when I lsmod I get an empty list!

insmod <kernelModul> Example
/sbin/insmod ospm_busmgr
/sbin/insmod ospm_system
/sbin/insmod ospm_processor
/sbin/insmod ospm_battery
/sbin/insmod ospm_ac_adapter
/sbin/insmod ospm_button
/sbin/insmod ospm_thermal TZP=20

or build new kernel with compiling into the kernel
(YES instead of MODULE)

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