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Re: cpuspeed - script to change cpu's speed

>>Your page instructions are not sincronized with the script:
>>page:    $cpuspeed { low | high | status | help}
>>script:  usage: /usr/local/bin/cpuspeed {low|high|state}
> i've noticed, but help or no argument is the same. (but that is an
> error, i know)

I wasn't only pointing that (help). I was also refering to "status" vs

>>State: Whats the "," for?
>>laptop:~# cpuspeed state
>>Current speed: 1200MHz,
>>                     ^^^
> i have to learn a little more awk :) i  forgot to post that in the known
>  bugs...

You can also cut it with "cut":
pipe the output with
  cut -d ',' -f 1
('cut' takes the line, sets ',' as the delimiter, and returns the 1rst field
For instance:
echo "hello," | cut -d ',' -f 1
outputs "hello"

>>Have you knowledge of the other (more recent, as far as I know)
>>software/module for asus? It has the asus module, but you don't need to
>> patch the kernel with it, you can add it separately as module, and it
>> comes distributed with some script and a daemon that reads the power
>> keys of our L3C. Besides it was done for the L2 series, so it can be
>> used with those too.. Don't have the link at the moment, I'll send it
>> to you later. (So you can add it's reference in your page)
> acpid already catches the power button... but, yes, send it to me,
> thanks

Sorry, my mistake. I meant the "hotkeys", next to the power button.
("hotkeys" , not "powerkeys"... what was I thinking of ?!?)

I have some ideias on a combined usage of the "asus_acpid" daemon,
that allow us to catch the "battery symbol hotbutton" and call your
script in a "toggle" mode, maybe affecting fan behaviour at the same time..
My ideia was to create a "presentation" mode just as windows does, where
it shuts down the fan 'till the temp gets too high...
This happens in some minutes with L3S machines, but I've runned my L3C for
over half an hour without it turning them back on, so I guess it's quite
safe for these P4-m to be runned like that for a long time...

Just one more thing:
Do you know if setting "throtling" changes anything? I can set those
values to wathever I want but see no difference. I'm thinking that maybe
"throthling" only works with AMD or with P4 (not mobile) processors...

>>Joao Clemente

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