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Re: rc.d type script?

Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> If you truly need something like a rc.local, just make something
> like /etc/init.d/my_local, set it to chmod +x, and symlink it into
> the appropriate runlevel (usually 3).  There is also update-rc.d to
> assist with the symlinking (it is somewhat like RH's chkconfig).

Oops.  Checking /etc/inittab and seeing id:2:initdefault: shows that
the default runlevel in Debian is 2.  Debian itself makes no
distinction between any of the runlevels and leaves any customization
there to the user.  Many _other_ systems use 2 to mean multiuser but
without networking and use 3 to be multiuser with networking.  But
multiuser without networking is more limited in use these days.


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