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Re: can't restore from suspend

Ok, I'd rather play with my laptop than mark exams. *ahem*

On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 02:27:01AM +0200, mi wrote:
> You've purged apmd, but i think you didn't deinstall powermgmt-base ?

If it was totally unnecessary then apt-get remove would have taken it out
of the sytem when I purged ampd, yeah? It looks like it's needed for both:

"This package contains utilities and configuration files for power
management that are common to APM and ACPI."

Is it the same as the PMTools at the very bottom of this page?

> It's said to contain 'configuration files' ( and also some programs may need 
> functions like  'acpi_available'). I don't know what's meant by that. Perhaps 
> you can do a dpkg -L powermgmt-base to see a list of the installed files.

debian:/home/emmajane# dpkg -L powermgmt-base

> Do you still have a /dev/apm_bios ( or was it /dev/misc/apm_bios) ?
> Would you please make a try renaming it, just prophylactic ... 

debian:/home/emmajane# locate apm_bios 

debian:/home/emmajane# mv /dev/apm_bios /dev/apm_bios.bak
(I'm so trusting...)

> I believe that often problems arise (as you did state above) from a basic 
> misconfiguration somewhere in the beginning.
> Or from a typoo ;-)

I'm good at typoos. :)

> >| Is there a good laptop/power management/settings HOWTO out there?
> I don't know. You seem to have poked into a lot of stuff yet.
> No dsl here, only a little electrostatic random amplyfier pretending to be a 
> modem. 

/grin/ That was too funny not to acknowledge in my response. :)

> Interesting snippet:
> |    If acpid is working, you can also see these values in /var/log/messages, 
> |    written when acpid starts up.
> |    For example, my log entries look like
> |    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S0 SLP_TYP (0x0505)
> |    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S1 SLP_TYP (0x0404)
> |    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S2 not supported
> |    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S3 SLP_TYP (0x0101)
> |    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S4 SLP_TYP (0x0000)
> |    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S5 SLP_TYP (0x0000)
> How about you ? Also section 4.1. may be useful ( and I'm sure you have an 
> AML interpreter driver).

That's so 5 emails ago. ;) Yes, I do have something similar to this I
think I posted a version from dmesg instead of /var/log/messages. I can't
remember now. In any case, here it is again (I think these are all the relevent bits):

I also now know that the very first line of my copy/paste means I still
need to patch the kernel!! That happens this weekend!

Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Core Subsystem version [20011018]
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Subsystem enabled
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: System firmware supports S0 S3 S4 S5
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: EC: found, GPE 34
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Battery socket found, battery present
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: AC Adapter found
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Thermal Zone found
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Thermal Zone found
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: Processor[0]: C0 C1 C2 C3, 8 throttling states
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Power Button (FF) found
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Multiple power buttons detected, ignoring fixed-feature
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Power Button (CM) found
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Sleep Button (CM) found
Apr 17 10:09:49 debian kernel: ACPI: Lid Switch (CM) found

Apr 17 13:56:08 debian kernel:  BIOS-e820: 000000000fef0000 - 000000000feff000 (ACPI data)
Apr 17 13:56:08 debian kernel:  BIOS-e820: 000000000feff000 - 000000000ff00000 (ACPI NVSi)

> And then many fragments. Mostly threads from this list :-)
> And did you look up 

Many of these I'd already read/bookmarked but I didn't really understand
them the first few times I tried reading them. Or they simply didn't have
the information I needed. For example:
is GREAT, but it's entry on ACPI is about 6 lines long and says
(basically) "Oh yeah, there's another thing called ACPI which you might
want to check out."

I've printed out a bunch of these, bookmarked the rest (how weird did it
feel printing out the Ecology HOWTO) and now have some reading for the car
on the way up to my mom's. (It's ok, I'm not driving...) ;)

> A lot of stuff. And many daemons and server here for acpi to manage ....
> > 0.0 ?0.2 ?1216 ?528 ? ? ? ? ?S ? ?10:09 ? 0:00 /usr/sbin/acpid 
> > -c /etc/acpi/events -s /var/run/       
> what's that  ^ ?

Power button stuff as follows:

emmajane@debian:~$ ll /etc/acpi/events/
total 1.0K
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root          425 Apr 15 00:39 powerbtn

And then a couple of shell scripts to control what happens when the power
button is pushed.

> You said there's nothing ? Perhaps can should get it from someone....

Remember that /etc/acpi/event is NOT the same as /etc/acpi/events
the first is a file, the second is a directory. I hope that the missing
files show up when I patch the kernel.

> >  0.0  0.7  1928 1928 ?        SL   10:09   0:00 /usr/sbin/ntpd
> You _run_ a timeserver on a laptop ? Slight chance you've only wanted a 
> client like  'ntpdate' ?

The joys of having a sys admin who doesn't like talking to girls 
helping with the configuration.... /ahem/ 

> > ?0.0 ?0.2 ?1316 ?552 ? ? ? ? ?S ? ?10:10 ? 0:00 [atd]
> at-daemon. But why. Did you fiddle with my proposal ? ;-)

Who knows. Is atd yours? (Is now a good time to admit I grew up using macs?) 

> > 0.0 ?0.4 ?2632 1264 ? ? ? ? ?S ? ?10:10 ? 0:00 -:0
> > 0.0 ?0.8 ?4020 2076 ? ? ? ? ?S ? ?10:10 ? 0:00 /usr/bin/fluxbox
> fluxbox session ... No kde-init. No gnome.
> Does fluxbox setup screensaver functionalities ?

Not that I've found. You'd have to install and configure a separate
xscreensaver type proggie. I like fluxbox because there's virtually
nothing to it. I'm anti pointy-clicky interfaces these days.
Fluxbox docs: http://fluxbox.sourceforge.net/docbook/en/html/

Possibly of relevance:
(refers to .xinit -- which I don't have. and .xsession which I do have but
there's nothing that looks screensaverish in there.)
Just in case though: http://xtrinsic.com/geek/code/xsession.txt

> >| If you already have one screen saver then you shouldn't have
> >| another.
> ...and if you already have one browser / texteditor / sessiontype, then not 
> another ? ok, i see there's a difference. But packagers simply can't care for 
> anything. And if they would, maybe we would complain because our free exotic 
> configurations are gone.

heh. I have to admit that I really miss having Kcolor chooser (which
allowed me to pick a color from anywhere on my desktop/web browsers etc).
I "lost" it when I installed fluxconf and all the kde stuff got scrapped.

> >| I realize that linux isn't *supposed* to be easy...I do think it
> >| should be easier though.
> You could join the debian-desktop project, e.g.

Point made. I'll keep my complaints to myself if I don't want to get
volunteered onto another mailing list. ;)

> >| easier--I'm just flabbergasted at the amount of time it took me to even
> >| realize that my power management settings weren't right...)
> I admit that i think you're right (sorry, Martin). But still it's a trade 
> off. What right to expect anything from free developers ?

The paid ones aren't always any better. Point: I spent literally 40-60 hours
on the phone with tech support, going back to the place I bought my laptop
and wireless port from (etc) trying to get my wireless card working under
Windows2000. In the end I got the card working on *debian* but NOT under
Windows2000. It turns out the driver is an XP driver and will not work
under Win2K, which is supposed to be a supported system for this laptop
(it ships with two cds: Win2K and XP, I chose Win2k). In fact the card is
no longer supported by the manufacturer because the company was bought by
someone but they didn't buy the support contract (the politics go on
forever). As far as I can tell there was never a Win2K driver. The only reason I
got it working under debian was because of the generous emails from the
debian-user list and the orinoco mailing list.

> >| > Usually, I'd say this is the BIOS, then. What does it's config say ?
> >| Where do I look for that?
> No experience with acer. Maybe entering BIOS with F2 or DEL before boot, and 
> looking for something appropriate (typical timespans like 30m, 15m ... ) and 
> if the whole thing is set to OFF. Eventually you save the changed config 
> before leaving to boot on. If you're unsure, note the 'original' values 
> (there's always a safe reset-to-defaults, anyway). It's good to say hello to 
> the BIOS at least once in a lifetime ;-)
> However, i don't like my own idea no more. If acpi runs from your Windows, 
> the BIOS settings can't be that bad.
> Instead, i think it could be that:
> (http://xtrinsic.com/geek/code/XF86Config-4.txt)
> Section "Monitor"
> 	Identifier	"Generic Monitor"
> 	HorizSync	28-49
> 	VertRefresh	43-72
> 	Option		"DPMS"   <<<
> EndSection
> For a try, you can hash (#) it out.

I edited XF86Config-4....(and rebooted) but the screen still blanks after n+1 minutes. 
(Possibly 15 minutes.)

So then I rebooted and checked out the BIOS. (You said I only needed to do
this *once* in my lifetime, right?) I couldn't find anything that looked
remote screensaverish. The only option I found was SpeedStep[TM] which was
on "Maximum Performance" and I switched that to "Recommended." I also
disabled the Hot Key beep. Beeping is never good in my books. I found
pictures of my BIOS though...just in case I missed something.

> >| > After all the problems i heard about acpi i hardly can believe that ....
> >| Probably they don't even realize it's not working. ;)
> Go on joke about that. I suffer. It happened to me several times.
> ;-)

I can believe it. :)

Thanks so much for your help and your attention. I'm going to work on an
ACPI HOWTO this weekend. I'll post it here when I get back.

emma :)

Emma Jane Hogbin
[[ 416 417 2868 ][ www.xtrinsic.com ]]

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