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Re: Install question 3.0r1

	I appreciate the advice.  The sparse setup on the HP notebook
bios has no USB options.  When running modconf only the following
categories of modules are available:
  Within the 'misc' modules, only busmouse, msbusmouse, netlink_dev and
qpmouse are listed as not installed.
	I looked at the man pages but could not follow how one could
run it in non GUI mode and get the 3 modules you listed.  Any advice on
runnng modconf to get to the 3 modules you suggested?

On Wednesday 09 April 2003 02:40 pm, Jason Kraftcheck wrote:
> John Plummer wrote:
> > 	Just replaced Suse 7.3 on an HP 5425 Notebook with Debian 3.0r1.
> > The install went well except I guess I missed something.  The Logitech
> > USB mouse does not work.  I suspect the USB ports are not turned on. Is
> > there a straightforward way to init those ports now and get the mouse
> > working?  If not, what step did I miss in the installation? I saw the
> > emails in the archive about the USB mouse in 2.4 but did not want to
> > assume anything in 3.0.  Thanks,
> > jcp
> Make sure your USB ports are enabled in the BIOS (if it has an option to
> disable them.)
> Run "modconf" and load the following modules from the kernel/drivers/usb
> section:
>    Either "usb-uhci" or "usb-ohci" depending on your hardware.
>    hid
>    mousedev
> The modules "usbcore" and "input" should have been loaded by modconf
> automatically when the above three modules were loaded.
> Exit modconf and do
>    cat /dev/input/mice
> to test that the mouse is working.  You should see a bunch of junk
> appearing in the terminal whenever you move the mouse.
> If everything seems to be working, set up gpm or X or whatever to use
> /dev/input/mice as the mouse device.

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