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Re: KDE3 + noflushd

On Wednesday 02 April 2003 15:38, Gabor FLEISCHER wrote:
> Is there anyone who succeeded with KDE3, noflushd?
> I could set up my system to spin down the disks when I don't run KDE.
> But with KDE it always has some disk usage. I was searching in google, and
> I saw other people had the same problem about a year ago, but nobody had
> any answer.
> Gavriel

if I am not mistaking the culprit ends up being FAM.  Many modern window 
managers occasionally stat things like their menu files to see if there is a 
need to update.  The plus side is if you install a new package it will appear 
in the window manager without your effort.  The downside is the disk getting 
touched now and then.

FAM by the way is a library which abstracts out the "is this file updated 
yet?" code and sends events when needed.

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