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Re: can't restore from suspend

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 11:41:52PM +0200, mi wrote:
> As usual, a google search might lead you to some archive mails, with keywords 
> like 'linux & acpi & suspend & problem' (or even 'freeze') and, of course, 

Been there, done that. Everything I've found is either people saying,
"works fine out of the box." Or "look in /proc/acpi/events" (which doesn't exist on
my system).

The closest match I've found to my system is this resource:
which says APM isn't supported. (Which means I need to stick with ACPI to
get my overclocked fan under control.)

> As Derek and Ivar hinted, why ditch suspend completely if only a single 
> insufficient configurated process causes the trouble. 

Because I can't find what's triggering the suspend. :(

> One point to start analyzing is the output of:
> dmesg
I've already pasted that to the list.

> cat /proc/acpi/dsdt
that's a binary file

> lspci
> cat /proc/cpuinfo

Not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for.

> and perhaps 'ps aux' and 'lsmod' shortly before suspending.

I'm not sure at what point the system suspends... and if I were to type in
any commands the system wouldn't suspend.

> Maybe you're running gnome or kde session - there's always a chooser for 
> powermanagement (like kcontrol or ther gnome advanced desktop settings).

I had kde (just installed fluxconf which un-installed kde stuff). But the
power management tools were all turned OFF. (I checked.)

> And who starts up your xscreensaver ? Did you configure that personally ?

Not sure. It was supposed to be KDE and the matrix screen saver but
something else was overriding it and giving a black screen.

> Perhaps you'll find some infos at tuxmobil.org.

Tried there as well. All of what I found was "works for me out of the

> And http://www.brodo.de/english/pub/acpi/proc/index.html

Ugh. Again, I'm missing stuff that is supposed to be there. This time it's
hte contents of:
I have <TBD> instead of something like this:
 This should look like this:

 processor id:            0
 acpi id:                 0
 bus mastering control:   no
 power management:        yes
 throttling control:      yes
 performance management:  no
 limit interface:         yes

> btw. Excuse the silly question, did you purge / stop apmd ?

Stopped and uninstalled.

Emma Jane Hogbin
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