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Re: autoloading module for pcmcia network card

Joel HATSCH [Sonntag, 6. April 2003 18:07]:
>| I had to recompile the modules AND the kernel 'cos it was complaining
>| about version mismatches between modules (2.4.28) and kernel
>| (2.4.18-bf24). Shouldn't kernels now be able to handle modules from
>| other versions ????????
As i understood it, you have to compile 'modversions=y' explicitly into the 
kernel, to let that work without warnings. On the other hand, it's not said 
that without it doesn't work at all.

>| btw, "NoName 10/100" and "8139too" are just ID strings and have no
>| real-world meaning (as stated in a previous mail)
Again, only my understanding (and the problem is i'm not native english), 
this String is compared against the reading from the card, so it has to match 
exactly. Is this wrong ?   

>| and if you look at the directory, there's only an usb.rc !!
>| so I created a pcmcia.rc by copying the usb.rc script, removed what was
>| not required, and put in the start section : modprobe 8139too
>| (and in the stop : rmmod 8139too)
My impression after looking this up was that hotplug indeed requires some 
'manual' work.... however, my /etc/hotplug contains several 'agents', and one 
of them, the 'pci.agent' states it handles '2.4.* PCI(including Cardbus)' 
cards also.

>| works perfect for me.


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