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Re: can't restore from suspend

In short, i would propose to first get acpi 'S3' working when calling it 
manually; and then see if the system still hangs.
If it does, we should open a new thread.

Emma Jane Hogbin [Donnerstag, 17. April 2003 17:25]:
>| debian. My biggest beef is that it *may* have been the double installation
>| of apmd AND acpid which caused the conflict. Why wouldn't the install of
>| acpid remove apmd?
Indeed, it seems to be a valid possibility to have both installed. But not 
running them the same time. I imagine that on the kernel side you would have 
the subsystems compiled as modules and either one activated.
Some people may need ACPI only for sound or wlan or whatever.

>| > Hey, there _must_ be some people around the world running exactly your
>| > laptop with linux ! Some of them with acpi working ....
>| *g* I think I'm the only English-speaking one, either that or they're all
>| using sucky red hat or mandrake (or sucky suse -- my school is all suse
>| based). 
I'm sure experiences with acpi on a laptop running redhat or even suse can be 
useful for you. i just recognized there's a suse-laptop now.
ok, some more associations. 
>| I will tonight if the removal of the apmd hasn't fixed things.

You've purged apmd, but i think you didn't deinstall powermgmt-base ?
It's said to contain 'configuration files' ( and also some programs may need 
functions like  'acpi_available'). I don't know what's meant by that. Perhaps 
you can do a dpkg -L powermgmt-base to see a list of the installed files.

Do you still have a /dev/apm_bios ( or was it /dev/misc/apm_bios) ?
Would you please make a try renaming it, just prophylactic ... 

>| > No idle-time ? The other two cases i know are battery low and cpu
>| > overheat.
>| Ah, it is an idle thing, yes. Not anything to do with the battery because
>| I'm usually plugged into a wall socket when it happens.
Consider there's an although unlikeley chance being on main-power isn't 
detected correctly. 
I believe that often problems arise (as you did state above) from a basic 
misconfiguration somewhere in the beginning.
Or from a typoo ;-)

>| Is there a good laptop/power management/settings HOWTO out there?
I don't know. You seem to have poked into a lot of stuff yet.
No dsl here, only a little electrostatic random amplyfier pretending to be a 
modem. I rarely do recherche. But i was curious if the situation really is so 
bad. And, yes, i think maybe it's not really much basically about acpi...the 
Battery-powered mini howto....and the acpi-howto. This is two years old. 
Maybe many things are still valid, though.
Interesting snippet:
|    If acpid is working, you can also see these values in /var/log/messages, 
|    written when acpid starts up.
|    For example, my log entries look like
|    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S0 SLP_TYP (0x0505)
|    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S1 SLP_TYP (0x0404)
|    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S2 not supported
|    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S3 SLP_TYP (0x0101)
|    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S4 SLP_TYP (0x0000)
|    Jun 11 00:51:02 devel2 acpid: S5 SLP_TYP (0x0000)
How about you ? Also section 4.1. may be useful ( and I'm sure you have an 
AML interpreter driver).

And then many fragments. Mostly threads from this list :-)
Two of which were

And did you look up 
Jean Delvare is a developer sometimes used to listen here. 
He might be a good address anyway:

>| > ... Anyway better you'd find the event handling ... i imagine somthing
>| > similar to /etc/apm/ directory here. 'man acpid' must reveal this, if it
>| > exists. But maybe all echo > /proc/acpi is done by 'frontends' now ?
>| It is done by front ends. man acpid is virtually useless compared to man
>| apmd.
I understand now that the 'ultimative' goal of linux-acpi is users won't have 
to configure anything. Maybe that's the reason it's simply all settled in 
/proc. But I read now something of clients (acpictl and acpitbl, eg.) ... 
don't know whether or where they are available for debian - maybe in sarge or 

A lot of stuff. And many daemons and server here for acpi to manage ....
> 0.0  0.2  1216  528 ?        S    10:09   0:00 /usr/sbin/acpid 
> -c /etc/acpi/events -s /var/run/       
what's that  ^ ?
You said there's nothing ? Perhaps can should get it from someone....
>  0.0  0.7  1928 1928 ?        SL   10:09   0:00 /usr/sbin/ntpd
You _run_ a timeserver on a laptop ? Slight chance you've only wanted a 
client like  'ntpdate' ?
>  0.0  0.2  1316  552 ?        S    10:10   0:00 [atd]
at-daemon. But why. Did you fiddle with my proposal ? ;-)
> 0.0  0.4  2632 1264 ?        S    10:10   0:00 -:0
> 0.0  0.8  4020 2076 ?        S    10:10   0:00 /usr/bin/fluxbox
fluxbox session ... No kde-init. No gnome.
Does fluxbox setup screensaver functionalities ?
>| > >| Not sure. It was supposed to be KDE and the matrix screen saver but
>| > >| something else was overriding it and giving a black screen.
Thought about that. Could be simply acpi entering suspend.
Screensaving (even matrix) should be idle time.
>| If you already have one screen saver then you shouldn't have
>| another.
...and if you already have one browser / texteditor / sessiontype, then not 
another ? ok, i see there's a difference. But packagers simply can't care for 
anything. And if they would, maybe we would complain because our free exotic 
configurations are gone.
>| I realize that linux isn't *supposed* to be easy...I do think it
>| should be easier though.
You could join the debian-desktop project, e.g.
>| easier--I'm just flabbergasted at the amount of time it took me to even
>| realize that my power management settings weren't right...)
I admit that i think you're right (sorry, Martin). But still it's a trade 
off. What right to expect anything from free developers ?

>| > Usually, I'd say this is the BIOS, then. What does it's config say ?
>| Where do I look for that?
No experience with acer. Maybe entering BIOS with F2 or DEL before boot, and 
looking for something appropriate (typical timespans like 30m, 15m ... ) and 
if the whole thing is set to OFF. Eventually you save the changed config 
before leaving to boot on. If you're unsure, note the 'original' values 
(there's always a safe reset-to-defaults, anyway). It's good to say hello to 
the BIOS at least once in a lifetime ;-)
However, i don't like my own idea no more. If acpi runs from your Windows, 
the BIOS settings can't be that bad.
Instead, i think it could be that:
Section "Monitor"
	Identifier	"Generic Monitor"
	HorizSync	28-49
	VertRefresh	43-72
	Option		"DPMS"   <<<
For a try, you can hash (#) it out.

>| > After all the problems i heard about acpi i hardly can believe that ....
>| Probably they don't even realize it's not working. ;)
Go on joke about that. I suffer. It happened to me several times.

>| > >| /proc/acpi/processor/0/info
>| > It's no more called /proc/acpi/processor/CPU0/info ?
>| Not on my machine...
ok, It's probably not equal on different BIOSs. 

>| It's very possible it's not correctly installed. The stuff I was reading
>| didn't say anything about needed to patch the system, it just said that I
>| needed a 2.4.20 kernel.
There are 'backported' patches for kernels at least >=2.4.18. The higher, the 
more are included by default, i think. As i understood, acpi is targeted to 
be _really_ implemented in 2.6 !  But 2.5.6 would be much better than 2.4.2, 
i guess.
The acpid package description says, unpatched at least => 2.4.7 is required, 
if i get it right.

I'm offline for ten days now. Good luck !

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