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Installation problem

I'm new to Debian. I'm long time (around 6 years) RedHat/Slackware
user. I'm very unsatisfied with release 9 of RedHat and I decided to try out some new maybe more actual distribution.

Yesterday I download all images of Debian 'sarge' distribution and tryed
to install it on my laptop from CDs. I burned sarge-i386-1.iso inserted to CD-ROM and boot via 'cdrom' after some questions about level ... I got 3 item menu:
1: .. mount CDROM ...
2: exit installation
3: start shell

First item no. 1. is default and I run it and CD-rom was mounted. Then
item no 3. become default then I start it and I Got a shell. I look
on mounted drives and CDROM was accesible. Fdisk isn't available then I type exit. Then I choose option 2 and installer tried to modprobe some network module and return me back. I red whole manual and I found only that it's terible writen.

Please how to install Debian on notebook from CD-ROM?

I know how to boot, prepare partitions, ... but I can't get a general picture how to install it.


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