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RE: laptop recommendation

> im currently searching a nice laptop which works well
> with debian. basically it should have a at least 15" big
> screen and at least 1400x1050 px resolution..
I own a Dell Inspiron 8200 with those nice screen specs. The only objections
I find are:
- Don't choose models with nvidia cards... ATI is being more free-software
friendly and there are some benefits from this. NVidia works fine with their
propietary driver but it doesn't support power management yet, and future
support is not based in community work... Will they continue supporting
Linux? And old cards?
- As far as I know, BIOS ACPI tables from Dell seem to be quite obscure, so
ACPI support is a bit difficult at the moment. APM works fine (except with
nvidia cards). There's some more information at acpi.sourceforge.net about

Even so... I'm really happy with it.

Rafael Villar Burke

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