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Q about apm and acpi

 Hy list..

I am a newbie on this list so let me introduce myself first
Iam Gabor Bukovszki, Uni. of Veszprem, Hu. Newbie with Linux..>))

Ive bought a
toshiba Sat. S2210CDT and ive got problems using acpi..
Ive compiled a custom kernel with acpi as modules, installed acpid, but 
when i start acpid, the followin message comes up:

acpid: can't open /proc/acpi/event: No such file or directory

and acpi don't works...so iam usin apm instead...wich works fine,
altough i cannot use suspend...it screws up my filesystem...
any ideas to either solve suspend in apm or use acpi and suspend?

THX lot..
Ps:i ll attach lspci

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