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Re: Install debian on a iBook with external FireWire hard drive


I was playing with booting Debian linux off a firewire disk about a
month ago. In general it should work, but you need to build an initrd
which loads the modules for firewire and mounts the root partition.
I tried to do that. I could not make the scripts do it automatically.
But I was able to boot off it and do everything manually. But it is
only sufficient as a rescue-solution. If you have more success, let
me know. I am really interested in that stuff.

You should put a bootstrap partition to the firewire disk and you need
to config yaboot to be on an external drive. Therfore you need the 
ID of your external disk. you find that somewhere in /proc/device-tree/.

Although I did not do a complete install. I just created everything
manually (as a backup).


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