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Re: rc.d type script?

On Monday 14 April 2003 07:16, Ben wrote:
> as a recent convert from redhat, I was wondering if there is any similar
> location that I can put commands that I wish to be executed last? ie. a
> script that sets my wireless configuration, hdparm settings etc...

the standard way to is tweak the existing configs founf in /etc/.  If a easy 
to update config file can not be found, perhaps you should request one from 
the package maintainer?  Any assistance in making Debian easier for the next 
person is definately welcomed.

If you truly need something like a rc.local, just make something like 
/etc/init.d/my_local, set it to chmod +x, and symlink it into the appropriate 
runlevel (usually 3).  There is also update-rc.d to assist with the 
symlinking (it is somewhat like RH's chkconfig).

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