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Re: laptop recommendation

On Thu, 10 Apr 2003 06:14, florian wrote:
> im currently searching a nice laptop which works well
> with debian. basically it should have a at least 15" big
> screen and at least 1400x1050 px resolution..
> would be also great if it would not be too heavy and
> big.. anybody got an recommendation for that?

The requirements of "not too heavy and big" and "big screen" are mutually 

The light laptops are often 800x600, the lightest laptops that do >1024x768 
resolution seem to be about 2.5Kg.

> do the pentium-m chips from intel work with debian/linux
> yet? is the wlan chip supported?

What exactly is the Pentium-M chip?  I checked the Intel site recently but 
couldn't see anything about the difference between a Pentium-M and P3/P4.

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