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Re: PCMCIA WLAN Card not active after boot

    "mkamp" == mkamp  <mkamp@gmx.de> writes:

    mkamp>   When booting the wlan card is not recognized and so
    mkamp> dhcpclient doesn't get any address during boot. A cardctl
    mkamp> eject; cardctl insert does "solve" the problem.

If you have the 'auto' stanza in /etc/network/interfaces for the card
device (e.g. 'auto eth0') then you will see this happen. In that case,
take out the auto stanza. 

For PCMCIA NICs you must let the PCMCIA startup script bring up the
card and not the networking script. The latter processes the auto
stanza, and it also runs *before* the PCMCIA script which is why you
can't use 'auto.'


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