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[no subject] 2.4.7 kernel problem 3 com nic Acer Travel Mate 610TXV APM suspend/resume problem on Toshiba Satellite 2800DVD-C302 ATI Mobility M4 can't login with a display-manager Compaq LTE 5380 install problems Console Video Mode Crash on suspend CTX ExBook 700 series Shadow Ram Cursor Gets Stuck Debian and XSGA+ displays Debian FDISK vs. Microsoft Format Debian into an existing Loopback file system Debian on new ibook dual USB: Net Install Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia Dell Inspiron 8000 DFE-670TXD & Linux dialing question D-Link dfe-670txd in Thinkpad 600E conflict D-Link dfe-670txd on Thinkpad 600E FIXED DPKG probs Finally working (Re: Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia) FIPS gives memory alloaction-troubles upron write [Fwd: Xf86 for Laptop Dell C500] Getting a usb mouse to work in xwindows Handling several network locations [Was: wireless lan config] Help with mobile phones Hi all How to clean a laptop? how to install NT and Linux on a single large disk ? how to switch window manager? how to use alreayd install windoz to get hardware details IBM 600 E IDE errors on mounting DVDs Re: Irda Problem Kernel hang (probably) with some APM accesses Keyboard entry 無條件送您手機與和信電訊門號 Mitac M-722 NE2k PCMCIA 2.2.19 kernel Netgear FA511 setup network connectivity problems new kernel won't boot on tecra 8200 (no subject) Re: On Once more SiS 900 Ethernet... Other mouse buttons on the Tecra 8100 PCMCIA and kernel 2.4.x (was: network connectivity problems) PCMCIA Card pcmcia-cs 3.1.28-2 is on crack pcmcia doesn't work any more under kernel-image-2.4.7 pcmcia-modules-2.2.19 does not exist (potato) pcmcia-modules... for 2.4.x kernel? plain text rather than HTML (Was: Re: possible to restore damaged Lilo in MBR) Please recommend a machine Re: Please recommend a machine (fwd) possible to restore damaged Lilo in MBR [Potato] IRQ/DMA/IO config with ISA PnP card Presario Laptops... problem with SMC wireless lan: no device file ? Questions about notebooks and Debian Routing problem w/wireless ethernet (802.11b) Satellite 110 CS serial and paralel ports on Targa Xtender 300 Re: serial and parallel ports SIS 630 and X Some progress (Re: Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia) Sorry: my prev. mail: Kernel hang (probably) with some APM accesses "SuperSoundProbe"? Suspend on Omnibook XE3 SVGA and XF86Config Re: SVGA and XF86Config (fwd) svhs output possible? Sync Mail folders without imap ThinkPad 560 and X ThinkPad A21m sound card instructions request. thinkpad A21p display restore problem when opening top in X11 Thinkpad A21p top-open screen redraw problem (update) Re: toshiba 1800 Toshiba 1800 toshiba tecra 8200 (install notes needed) TP760E: How to boot a Linux image from Win95 ? tpctl and kernel 2.4.7 Trademark Trouble: Asterix - MobiliX Trouble with X 4.0.3 on IBM T22 (kernel 2.4.5) Re: T-shirts with a giant barcode on them! VMWARE & compaq armada e500 Win95 thinks partition still huge Windows format results... Re: Wireless Networking wvlan_cs & Re: pcmcia doesn't work any more X11 at different resolution for I8000. Re: X exits into unreadable screen Xf86 for Laptop Dell C500 XFree 4.1 on ATI rage128 xfree86 4 xfree86 4.1.0 ati rage 128 X hangs xircom dual-card (modem/ethernet) missing cable XMMS Fonts =?x-unknown?q?Re=3A_=B5L=B1=F8=A5=F3=B0e=B1z=A4=E2=BE=F7=BBP=A9M=ABH=B9?==?x-unknown?q?q=B0T=AA=F9=B8=B9?= Re: Your website submission!! The last update was on 11:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 336 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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