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Console Video Mode

I'm using an HP Omnibook 500 running 2.4.7 testing/unstable, but I believe this
problem effects many systems.  

My screen is shrunk to about 3/4 size when I'm in console mode. I think this is
because the wrong resolution is being used.  Back when I used Windows on a Dell
Latitude it exhibited the same behavior in full screen DOS mode.  

I tried putting vga=ask in lilo.conf (with CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE compiled into the
kernel) but all this does is give me a choice of several text modes which are
all still confined to 3/4 of the screen.  

Does anyone know how to set the resolution of the console mode so it will be
'full screen'?


Also, a quick off-topic (Samba) inquiry: I can't get samba to mount a Windows
share with group/other writeable permissions, even when specifying fmask=000
and dmask=000. I tried changing the permissions on the mount point, but as soon
as I mount the share it switches permissions back to 022. I finally found a
work around by changing the owner of the mountpoint to me, but I'd like all
users to be able to write to the Samba share.  What am I doing wrong?  

--Adam Kessel

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