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Re: possible to restore damaged Lilo in MBR

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 10:32:23AM -0400, Benjamin Zhou wrote:
<P>thank you all who responsed. </P>
<P>I tried all of them. But none of them work. The problem is how can I mount my /dev/hda2 to /root. when I try this, I 
got the msg &quot;must be a block device&quot;. any more idea?</P>
<P>thanks a lot</P>

First of all: I don't know how others on this list feel about this,
but you would certainly make my life easier if you posted your
messages in plain text rather than HTML.

The reason you are getting the error message is probably that you
don't have a partition /dev/hda2.  Maybe you created your root
partition as a logical one, in which case it is likely to be
/dev/hda5.  Type

	fdisk -l

at the shell prompt of your rescue disk.

Have you tried grub as well?


Rolf Heckemann
Debian Fan since the days of bo

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