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Re: SVGA and XF86Config

On Wed, Aug 15, 2001 at 08:55:31AM -0400, Eric Borton wrote:
> Thanks to Everyone for your suggestions.  My laptop is the toshiba 4030CDT
> not the 3040.  If I apt-get install svga will I need to do anything to any
> files or will it install in the correct directory and automatically be ready
> to go.  I still have not been able to get it yet.  It is quite disappointing
> but I am still trying.


in your earlier post you said you tried apt-get svga but it didn't work.
what specifically didn't work, did apt-get fail to find the package or
did the package you download not work under X?

if it was the former, the name of the package is xserver-svga, you might
try that with apt-get install.

if that wasn't it, give us some more details on what exactly you tried
and what type of error messages you get. the list is most helpful when
you provide good clues. in this case look at the file .xsession-errors
in your home directory, it might have some good info to help debug your

hang in there.

Sergio J. Rey	http://typhoon.sdsu.edu/rey.html
Hmmm. Having open source kinda takes the mystery out of this sort of
thing ... :(
 -- Kalle Hasselstrom on the origins of Wanda the Fish in Gnome

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