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Re: Console Video Mode

 Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 12:28:52PM -0500, Adam Kessel wrote:

I had the same problem on my old thinkpad 365x, and solved it with a neat little package called SVGATextMode.  It took a couple of hours to read through the documentation and pull the essential info out of my XF86Config file, but it worked great, at least under the 2.2 kernel series.  My current machine, a thinkpad i1200, shows full screen console without SVGATextMode, running 2.2.19.  I don't know why. Good luck. 

On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 12:28:52PM -0500, Adam Kessel wrote:

> I'm using an HP Omnibook 500 running 2.4.7 testing/unstable, but I believe this
> problem effects many systems.  
> My screen is shrunk to about 3/4 size when I'm in console mode. I think this is
> because the wrong resolution is being used.  Back when I used Windows on a Dell
> Latitude it exhibited the same behavior in full screen DOS mode.  
> I tried putting vga=ask in lilo.conf (with CONFIG_VGA_CONSOLE compiled into the
> kernel) but all this does is give me a choice of several text modes which are
> all still confined to 3/4 of the screen.  
> Does anyone know how to set the resolution of the console mode so it will be
> 'full screen'?
> ---
> Also, a quick off-topic (Samba) inquiry: I can't get samba to mount a Windows
> share with group/other writeable permissions, even when specifying fmask=000
> and dmask=000. I tried changing the permissions on the mount point, but as soon
> as I mount the share it switches permissions back to 022. I finally found a
> work around by changing the owner of the mountpoint to me, but I'd like all
> users to be able to write to the Samba share.  What am I doing wrong?  
> --Adam Kessel
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