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Re: Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia

@cd /etc
@cat resolv.conf

Try putting that into resolv.conf

On Tue, 21 Aug 2001, Bart Szyszka wrote:

>Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 18:08:46 -0400
>From: Bart Szyszka <bart@gigabee.com>
>To: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org, Lee Bradshaw <lee@sectionIV.com>
>Subject: Re: Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia
>Resent-From: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
>> Check /etc/pcmcia/network and /etc/pcmcia/network.opts. The logic seems
>> a bit involved. For example, pump can be started if $PUMP is true; or
>> $BOOTP is true, but there are no other bootp clients; or either $DHCP or
>> $DHCLIENT is true and there are no other dhcp clients.
>This is getting really frustrating. I've tried pump, dhcp-client, dhcpcd
>has worked on other computers for this connection) without any luck. I've
>also attempted to add that line to /etc/pcmcia/network to make the card run
>in promisc mode. No luck. Is there anything I can do about /etc/resolv.conf
>I noticed that the other config files point to that yet there is nothing in
>/etc/resolv.conf . That file is empty. Maybe that's the problem? I've tried
>running all these clients manually and that hasn't helped anything either.
>there anyone here on a RoadRunner connection who has gotten their
>Inspiron 8000 working with the Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100? Could
>this have something to do with RoadRunner itself? This Sunday I'll be moving
>to one of my unversity's residence halls and will have an ethernet
>there. Maybe it'll work then, but I was hoping I would be able to setup
>on this new laptop for Linux before I left.
>- Bart

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