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Re: Thinkpad A21p top-open screen redraw problem (update)

Peter Amstutz wrote:
> Okay, I emailed the list a few days ago about this, where the closing the
> top (NOT suspending the system, simply closing the computer which cause
> the BIOS to turn off the LCD by default) causes some problems when the
> computer is re-opened.
> The first problem, that the display is garbled, has gone away by using
> vesafb in the kernel.  I don't understand the relation between the problem
> in the fix, but irregardless it does work.
> The second problem, however, has not gone away.  Sometimes when the top is
> reopened, the display simply remains blank.  The backlight comes on, but
> the screen is not redrawn.  Hitting keys, moving the pointer etc have no
> effect.

Strange.  I have had an A21p now for around 6 months, and never experienced
any of these problems.  I guess I was lucky in the first one that I always
compile my kernels with VESA FB in them and add a line like:
    vga=0x375 # 1600x1200 x 16M
into /etc/lilo.conf, because I love humungous text consoles :-)

Also, a few other variations on that theme which are not listed in
/usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb/vesa.txt are:
    # vga=0x307 # 1280x1024 x 256
    # vga=0x319 # 1280x1024 x 32k
    # vga=0x31a # 1280x1024 x 64k
    # vga=0x31b # 1280x1024 x 16M

> A friend of mine has suggested this may be related to kernel-based console
> blanking, which might explain why input to the X server doesn't cause the
> screen to come back.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to
> disable console blanking entirely?  Since the bios seems to handle this
> more intellegently than linux can, and LCDs don't suffer from burn-in (at
> least I don't think they do?), standard console blanking (which leaves on
> the battery-eating backlight anyhow [1]) is completely useless to me.

Yes, it sounds like it could be.  You could also check your BIOS settings. 
Are you running on stable, testing or unstable?

If you want my .config and XF86Config-4 you are welcome (I won't spam the
list with them though :-).

My system works really reliably just closing the panel to suspend it.  I
shut it down for real every week or so for some reason or another, but I go
from home -> client -> client -> office -> client -> home, connecting up to
all their networks (including WLAN at home) and everything 'just works'.

I hope I can be some help to you.

        Andrew McMillan, e-mail: Andrew @ catalyst . net . nz
Catalyst IT Ltd, PO Box 10-225, Level 22, 105 The Terrace, Wellington
Me: +64(21)635-694,  Fax:+64(4)499-5596, Office: +64(4)499-2267xtn709

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