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Re: Debian setup freezes when trying to remove pcmcia

Bart Szyszka, 2001-Aug-21 13:01 -0400:
> > And I believe that the CBE2-100BTX is what you're looking
> > for; so give the tulip_cb driver a shot.  (If the experimental thing
> > bugs you, don't worry; I've been using an RBEM56G-100BTX for several
> > months now on an Inspiron 4000 and it's considered experimental.)
> How exactly would I load the tulib_cb module into Debian? When
> I run modconf , it's not listed. Only tulip is and that doesn't work. Is
> there a binary or some package for Debian potato that will set it up
> for me?
> - Bart

   Coming into this thread late, so sorry if I missed something
   All the modules will be in:
   If you don't see it here, then it didn't get compiled or
   included with the package, or your pcmcia_cs is too old.  I
   don't know when tulip_cb first came out.  I'm running 3.1.25
   and use this module for my RBEM56G-100BTX.
   If the module isn't there, you'll need to upgrade to a newer

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