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Re: thinkpad A21p display restore problem when opening top in X11

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Vivek wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Aug 2001, Peter Amstutz wrote:
> > I just recently bought a Thinkpad A21p and it's a wonderful machine.  I'm
> > running Debian unstable (Cid, I belive) and so far I have encountered only
> > one major problem: when I close the top for just a minute and then reopen
> > it, the display is almost always messed up.
> 1) Are you using an fb console? [the r128 fb console might not work - if so
> try the vesa one]
> 2) Does using the fb console work around this?

I did try the r128 console when I first recompiled the kernel, but since
it didn't work (it rather seriously borks the display on boot...) I
disabled it entirely.  I'll give the vesa fb a shot, though.
> > While on the subject, I have also noticed what appears to be X
> > missing/dropping enter-exit messages when the pointer moves from window to
> > window.  In other words, if I move the pointer around quickly, the focus
> > sometimes will not be assigned to the window that the pointer is actually
> > on.
> I've had this happen to me on an A20p - not sure why - usually after a
> susp/resume or flipping to the console and back.

Hmm.  Have you noticed that pointer clicks seem to be missed sometimes, as
well?  It's a rather subtle problem - it feels like it could be that
you're just not clicking hard enough or something, but together with the
enter/exit flakiness I suspect that it is in fact a software problem...

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