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Re: Trouble with X 4.0.3 on IBM T22 (kernel 2.4.5)

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 09:24:53AM +1000, Martin Schwenke wrote:
> >>>>> "Martin" == Martin Sk?tt <Martin> writes:
>     Martin> I just bought an 800 MHz IBM T22 with 14.1" TFT and a S3
>     Martin> Savage IX video chip. [...]  Can anyone help to get X up
>     Martin> and running?  [...]
> Below is my XF86Config-4, as used on my T22.  At the moment, I also
> find that I have to switch to a non-X virtual console when I suspend
> and switch back on resume to cause X to refresh (otherwise it
> doesn't)!  The script that does that (/etc/apm/event.d/01xhack-local)
> is also below.

Thanks Martin, after a little fiddling with your XF86Config-4 (mouse
and keyboard) X now works perfect in 1024x765. I think 1024x765 is
really nice in the T22s LCD and good on the eyes too.

I haven't tried your suspend tricks yet, but I will try them later.
Thanks, I was getting a bit desperate about X not working on my newly
bought laptop :-)
Martin Skøtt

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