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Re: Presario Laptops...

On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 01:24:03AM +0200, Hugo van der Merwe wrote:
> I realise this has been discussed quite a lot, as well as threads on the
> best buys out there... But all in all, my mother needs to get wired, and
> has considered getting a Compaq Presario. What is the status on the
> built-in modems these days? Are there machines with better modems, where
> better includes stuff like open source drivers, and drivers that work
> with latest kernels..., and are there any serious issues with these
> machines?
> I don't have the model numbers handy, just some specs (it's a 850 MHz
> Pentium II/III ? machine, 128 MB RAM, 20 GB hardrive, built in modem,
> DVD drive... (region info anyone?)), is there anything I should know, or
> any reasons to rather look for something else?


I have just bought a Presario 1800 (18XL481) and I can say that: 
   * The VGA works ok with XFree 4.0.3.
   * The sound board works ok with kernel 2.4.9.
   * The ethernet works ok with kernel 2.4.9.  
   * The modem is a lucent winmodem and I installed it correctly under
the kernel 2.4.9 .Currently I can't still test a modem connection to
the net cause I have no avaible telephone line in my house (I only use
mobile one :O) but I hope to test it soon and I'll send you the
results. However the driver is running and the kppp recognize it as a
normal modem so, I suppose, that there should be no problem.

I'm happy of my new laptop (at least for the moment :O) and I have no
serious problem with it.

I hope having the time to write an article for the linux-laptop site
since my Presario isn't into the laptop list.



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